'The Slab Shop' was established in 2019, as a run off from the original business 'The Matakana Sawmill'. 

We focus on selling the raw materials needed in creating beautiful, characterful outdoor or indoor furniture. From rough sawn slabs to timber bracing and legs, we have all the pieces to start making your DIY furniture jigsaw! Primarily we sell Macrocarpa slabs, with the exception of a few other wood species.

Apart from slabs, we also offer readymade, quality furniture available to take away at your own leisure, plus other novelty kitchen/homeware items. All of this is displayed at our showroom at 362 Matakana Valley Road. Otherwise click here to have a look from the comfort of your own computer! 



The Matakana Sawmill - Brief History

The Matakana Sawmill has been owned and operated by the Munro family for the last 13 years. 

However, it's existence dates well back to the mid 20th century. It has been owned by many local families in that time.

In March 2017, the Sawmill was devastated by a huge blaze that completely destroyed the main processing shed of the business. Due to this, the Sawmill was no longer able to produce dressed and finished timber, as the machinery and equipment was ruined. All of this equipment was invaluable and for the most part, irreplaceable.

Since then, the Sawmill has been producing only rough sawn timber. Until July 2019, when a decision was made to change its path and focus on creating more of a boutique operation. This involved shifting to a furniture based approach.