Matakana Sawmill Furniture


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  • Slab & Sleeper Bar Leaner Set
    Unique bar leaner made out of sleepers and slabs. Coated in CD50. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
    NZ$ 3,400.00
    NZ$ 2,500.00
  • Rustic Table (Holey)
    Large rustic table with a smooth finish. This table does have a couple of natural holes, making it unique.
    Suitable for indoor/outdoor use.
    Finished with CD50.
    On average this table measures:
    L= 1.94m
    W= 0.6m
    H= 0.74m
    NZ$ 1,950.00
    NZ$ 1,700.00
  • Macrocarpa Bar Leaner
    Beautiful Macrocarpa bar leaner made almost entirely of slabs.

    Please note - the stools in the photo are not included.
    NZ$ 1,200.00
    NZ$ 950.00
  • Rustic Coffee Table
    This rustic coffee table sits on black powder coated aluminium hairpin legs to give it an industrial look.
    This table measures approx.
    L= 1.0m
    W= 0.45m
    H= 0.5m
    NZ$ 395.00
    NZ$ 295.00
  • Rustic Block Stool/Seat on Wheels
    A beautiful and unique piece of furniture that is versatile in its uses. This rustic piece is coated in CD50 and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, however would be best indoors.
    NZ$ 310.00
    NZ$ 295.00
  • Bandsaw Finish Rustic Slab Table
    Unique table made out of Macrocarpa slabs. It has a bandsaw finish and beautiful deep rich colouring. Coated in CD50 and is suitable for either indoor or outdoor use.
    NZ$ 1,950.00
    NZ$ 1,750.00
  • Rustic Macrocarpa Cube Stools
    Beautiful rich coloured Macrocarpa cube stools, coated in CD50 oil. These are full of character and charm.
    NZ$ 295.00
    NZ$ 250.00
    Only 2 Left in Stock
  • Rustic Sleeper Table
    Rustic Macrocarpa outdoor table made almost entirely out of sleepers. This table is full of character.

    It is treated with CD50, and is suitable either for indoor or outdoor use.
    NZ$ 1,295.00
    NZ$ 700.00
  • Small Rustic Table
    A unique and characterful table made completely out of Macrocarpa slabs. This set has been epoxied and finished with CD50. It would be suitable for either indoor or outdoor use.

    Matching bench seats are also available on request for $350 each.
    NZ$ 800.00
    NZ$ 750.00
  • Fine Finish Slab Bench Seats
    Lovely slab bench seats that are coated in Harlem oil.

    On average these benches measure at:
    1.23 long x 0.35 wide x 0.44 high
    NZ$ 325.00
    NZ$ 295.00
  • Rustic Bandsaw Bench Seats
    Unique bandsaw mark featured bench seats. These are coated in CD50.

    On average these measure at:
    1.37 long x 0.3 wide x 0.435 high
    NZ$ 395.00
    NZ$ 350.00
  • Small Earthy Dining Table w/Hairpin Legs
    A unique dining table, almost triangular in shape. This table would fit perfectly into a room where space isn't readily available. It has a rich and colourful grain, brought out by CD50 coatings.

    On average this table measures at:
    1.4 long x 0.6 - 0.9 wide x 0.75 high.

    Please contact us for more precise measurements on this.
    NZ$ 1,050.00